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Uredi podatke

Picture a thousand islands in a crystal clear sea, flower-freckled landscapes dotted with medieval towns, and warm friendly people with a passionate spirit. This is Croatia… a blend of astounding natural beauty and rich culture. From the sparkling Adriatic coastline to the Mediterranean meadows of the Istrian interior, and from the dramatic heights of the Dinaric Alps to the unrivalled serenity of its eight national parks, Croatia is all things to all men.

With such a long and eventful history, it’s no surprise to find a culture rich in traditions and a legacy of fairytale castles, intriguing landmarks and enchanting villages. But despite its fascinating past, Croatia is also firmly rooted in the ‘now’. Dubrovnik, its most famous city is currently high on the list of Europe’s ‘coolest’ hotspots, enticing visitors from all over the world to a pulsating vibrancy contained within its ancient walls. In summer the narrow lanes and cobbled squares are buzzing with open-air festivals, classical concerts and colourful street theatre. So too in Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia where operatic arias seep from Roman amphitheatres, classical concerts resonate within stunning cathedrals and the smooth sounds of jazz rise from medieval castles. Venture beyond the towns and cities to find rolling hills of lavender and vines where tranquil villages harbour a lifestyle unchanged for centuries.

All along one of the friendliest naturist coastlines in the world, uncover beautiful beaches and hidden coves shaded by a fringe of verdant pines. And throughout the whole country, sample a taste of the Mediterranean with superb Croatian gastronomy that never fails to surprise. Croatia paints more than a picture, it immerses visitors in a full sensory experience that they will never forget.




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