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Frequently asked questions and answers

Uredi podatke

1. What is naturism?

Naturism is a way of living in tune with nature. The basic features of naturism are socializing without wearing any clothes and developing a sense of self-respect and appreciating others, as well as taking care of the environment. By taking their clothes off, naturists symbolically remove the problems of everyday life and they are known for their love towards nature and tendency to engage in sports and outdoor activities.

2. Why come to Croatia?

When King Edward VIII and his wife Wallis Simpson decided to swim in the nude in the Kandarola Bay on the island of Rab in the 1930s, they had no idea that a new trend was being created and that Croatia will become one of the leading naturist destinations. According to many people, due to its wonderful natural beauties, abundant and various Mediterranean vegetation, indented coast with more than 1000 islands, crystal clear sea and more than 30 naturist centres and numerous naturist beaches, Croatia today is one of the best places for naturists. Along the entire Adriatic coast, from Istria to Dubrovnik, with a suitable offer and in the natural ambiance, a true balance between nature and man, which is very important to naturists, is realized through sports, healthy food and numerous activities for a pleasant and interesting holiday. But the natural beauties are not the only thing attracting the tourists to Croatia. Charming Mediterranean towns by the sea, medieval towns, beautiful architecture, cultural and historical sights and a unique gastronomic experience will make your every visit unforgettable.

3. May only members of naturist organizations stay in naturists centres in Croatia?

Naturist centres in Croatia accept all tourists coming here for their holiday which have the International Naturist Federation (INF) membership card, as well as all families behaving in accordance with the naturist rules. Single men, without the INF membership card, cannot enter nor stay in naturist centres in Croatia.

4. What is INF? 

The INF, International Naturist Federation, is the largest naturist association, and it gathers national associations from more than forty countries across the world. Croatian Naturism Association (DNH) is also a member of the International Naturist Federation.

5. Is naturism legal in Croatia?

Naturism is legal along the entire coast of the Adriatic Sea with many naturist campsites, centres and beaches. Naturist beaches are marked with the FKK sign, but there are also the so called “wild” naturist beaches in hidden spots where you can enjoy the magic of naturism. Many beaches where swimsuits are obligatory also have a part intended for naturists.

6. Do we have to be without clothes in naturist centres the entire time?

It is recommended not to wear clothes in naturist centres. In certain understandable cases women can wear a swimsuit, and in case of strong wind, sudden rain or physical problems, wearing clothes is acceptable and reasonable. There are exceptions when being completely nude is not desirable or it is prohibited: at certain types of organized tournaments and sports competitions in order to prevent injuries while shopping due to hygienic reason at the reception or in the post office complete nudity is not allowed in a restaurant, and while staying on the restaurant terrace, a towel must be put on a chair

7. What are the advantages of naturism?

The main advantage of naturism is being outside in almost intact nature, away from the stress and busy everyday life. Naturism is a way of life in which sports and taking care of your health have an important role and, therefore, in many naturist centres you can enjoy the numerous sports activities which will make sure you stay in shape.

8. Can single people stay in naturist centres?

The entrance to a naturist centre with the admission ticket is allowed for couples, women and children without exceptions. Men coming alone, without the INF or other naturist association membership card, shall not be admitted.

9. Are naturist beaches in Croatia marked?

There are many naturist beaches at the Adriatic Sea where you can swim in the nude. Naturist beaches are located within naturist campsites and centres, and there are also separate naturist beaches marked with the FKK sign.




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