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Uredi podatke

The 1,000 inhabitants of Funtana are rightly proud of their picturesque home and its surroundings, their hospitality evident at every chance to show off their tiny piece of pastoral paradise.

This fishing and agricultural village is enveloped by clusters of pines and oaks carpeting the fields and meadows from hilltops to sparkling shores. Pockets of private tranquillity are easily found in the many small bays and coves along the coastline, linked by country trails ideal for bike or boots.

The Funtana of today grew from a tiny hillside settlement sheltering next to a 17th century castle and parish church. Famed for its plentiful fresh water springs, from which it gains its name, visitors will often see the sign, ‘Funtana, at the source of friendship’ a reference to nature’s generosity and the villagers’ enthusiasm to share their good fortune with all. Visitors are also welcome to share the abundant recreational facilities nearby such as tennis, sailing, paragliding, horse-riding and watersports like diving or water skiing.

The range of dining options is second to none. It would be hard to find another area in Istria with so many restaurants, taverns and café bars clustered together. Yet one more delectable pleasure that the villagers of Funtana are only too willing to share.  




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