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Naturist beach - Bunculuka

This naturist beach is located at the Bunculuka Naturist Campsite situated in a bay between two hills in the vicinity of the town of Baška. The intact nature, white sand and crystal clear sea will thrill all nature lovers. Enjoy yourself while swimming and sunbathing, relax in the shade of the restaurant by the beach, or have fun playing tennis, volleyball or miniature golf.

Naturist beach - Njivice

Once a small fishing town, Njivice today is a known tourist destination on the west coast of the island of Krk. The beautiful nature, crystal clear sea and beautiful beaches have been attracting many guests to come and spend their holiday in Njivice for years now. Choose the pebble, stone and sand beaches in the town and dive in the turquoise blue sea or let go to the freedom of naturism at a naturist beach in the vicinity of the autocamp.

Naturist beach – Malinska Heaven beach

Heavenly beach in the town of Malinska on the island of Krk, surrounded by fragrant Mediterranean plants and pine forest, is an ideal place for all those who like to feel natural and enjoy the nature. Find your place under the sun on the stone, grass or pebble part of the beach, let go to the freedom of naturism and enjoy the warm sun rays.

Naturist beach - Konobe

Konobe Naturist Campsite, with 1500 meters of indented coast and crystal clear sea, is located in a sheltered bay not far from the town of Punat. Here you can choose between two larger pebble beaches or enjoy the peace at one of the numerous hidden little white beaches. This area is under special national protection due to its beautiful white natural beaches and the unique natural landscape.
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