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Krk lamb

Various sorts of aromatic Mediterranean plants growing on the pastures along the island of Krk are probably the main reason for the extreme quality and specific aroma of the Krk lamb. You can taste the lamb from the local farms prepared under the baking lid (Cro. ”peka”) or roasted and enjoy its unique flavour in one of the numerous interesting restaurants and taverns.


Traditional pasta prepared in the north-east part of the Adriatic Sea, and therefore the island of Krk as well, is called ”šurlice”. It is thin, long homemade pasta which is given its form by wrapping it around the knitting needle by hand. Taste some of the specialties such as shrimps and seafood with ”šurlice”, lamb ”žgvacet” (a kind of stew) with ”šurlice” or ”Baška šurlice” with lamb goulash.


This long forgotten Kvarner region and Kvarner islands delicacy presents the mixture of Mediterranean aromas and flavours and it is made of dry figs, ”lozovača” brandy and ground walnuts. ”Smokvenjak” was eaten as a dessert by the old inhabitants of the island of Krk during the holidays and today this pastry is served as aperitif in most of the taverns and restaurants on the island of Krk.


In the Kvarner Littoral and the Kvarner islands, fried pastry called ”presnac” is traditionally prepared. Make sure you try this specific pastry made of crumpets, fresh sheep cheese from the island, or curd and raisins.
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