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Vrbnička Žlahtina wine

The Golden Vrbnička Žlahtina wine is an indigenous, dry, white wine sort which is grown in the Vrbnik field on the island of Krk. The name comes from the adjective ”žlahten” meaning noble in Slavic dialects. Taste this potable wine with a very expressive aroma which is best with homemade sheep cheese, all kinds of seafood specialties and various white meat delicacies.

The Baška Table

You can find a miniature replica of the Baška Table that will remind you of your holiday on this unique island in all souvenir shops on the island of Krk. The Baška Table is the most significant Old Croatian monument of the Croatian language and literature written in the Croatian Glagolitic script around the year 1100. It originates from an early Romanesque church of St. Lucija in Jurandvor in the vicinity of the town of Baška.


”Sopile” is an old traditional instrument very similar to the oboe. It was usually played while dancing (Cro. ”tanac”) on Sundays or on holidays after the mass, during a wedding ceremony and in the church. Even today ”sopile” is played during the ceremonies in the Kvarner region and on the island of Krk. Discover the traditional customs of the island and dance to the Krk ”tanac”, a dance traditionally accompanied by the sounds of ”sopile”.

”Morčić” jewellery

”Morčić” is a motif of traditional jewellery typical for the town of Rijeka and the entire Kvarner region which symbolizes the affiliation to the seaside area. Jewellery with the ”Morčić” motif will be a nice memory of your holiday on the island of Krk. Choose a ring, a brooch, earrings or a pendant with the ”Morčić” motif and cheer yourself up or someone dear to you with this beautiful gift.
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