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Krk is much more than just a pine-cloaked island surrounded by the sapphire blue waters of the Bay of Kvarner. It’s also a self-contained oasis of rich culture, exceptional food and boundless recreation.

From walking boots to water skis, bike saddles to horse saddles, the activities on offer are endless. So too is the natural beauty with beguiling beaches, a crystal clear sea, dense pine forests and clusters of figs and olives. In summer Croatia’s largest island becomes one big open-air stage as street theatre, food festivals and dance troupes add blazes of colour to the natural panorama of green and blue.

Within all the island’s historical towns and cities, folk songs, classical concerts and popular music reverberate daily through the streets and market squares adding an audio and visual extravaganza for the pavement café culture and evening cocktail crowd.  The island is famed for its olive oil and wine, but this is just the tip of the gastronomic iceberg. Krk lamb, locally-caught seafood, goat cheese and fresh pasta are just a few of the delicacies waiting to entice your taste buds in waterfront restaurants and rustic taverns.

Due to its natural riches, the Romans called Krk ‘The Golden Island’ - a name that most definitely still applies today, riches that are now also embellished with plentiful modern day treasures.    




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