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The beginning of naturism

Uredi podatke


Dr Richard Ehrmann from Vienna, the first president of the International Naturist Federation, opened a naturist beach at the “Paradise Beach” on the island of Rab in 1934 with a group of supporters.


British King Edward VIII and his wife swam naked in the Kandarola Bay on the island of Rab and since then, the “Paradise Beach”  is also known as the “English beach”. 


Peter Joschy, president of the “W FKK” Naturist Society from Vienna, established a naturist colony and rented 50 beds for his society on the island of Rab. It was the first post-war naturist Vienna-Rab bus line. Since then, although modestly, first naturist beaches have started emerging along the Adriatic Sea.          


Ludwig Götz, the first declared naturist, spent his first holiday in Croatia on the small island of Koversada near the town of Vrsar. He visited Croatia and the Adriatic Sea twenty times since then, usually staying at the naturist campsites along the Poreč Riviera: Koversada, Solaris, Ulika, and Istra in Funtana. 


A naturist beach on St. Nikola Island (Poreč) was opened.


The first, so called, wild naturist beaches, under the influence of Austrian and German naturists, grew in number on the islands such as Pag, Novalja, Mali Lošinj and Orjule, and in 1956 in Rovinj as well.


On the area today known as the ”Plava laguna“ in Poreč, a settlement of tents and wooden houses of the French ”Polinesie“ club from Paris was set up. 


Urged by Mr Pipper from Germany, founder of the Punat Tourist Society, "Konobe" Campsite was opened, which became a naturist campsite in 1978.


Erik Holm, the first vice president of the INF and Dr Lothar Wilhelm, the first vice president of the DFK (German naturist federation), visited the island of Rab and connected with the tourist society. Two FKK beaches were opened on the area of the today's San Marino Campsite.




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