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1. Information covered by our privacy policy

The following information we require from you is protected:

  • name
  • address
  • e-mail address
  • telephone and/or fax number
  • other information which you request be protected

At any time, you may also remove the privacy protection on this information, through an explicit request made in person.You may remove your name from our mailing list at any time, and your information will not be used by Valamar for promotional purposes. In that case, Valamar will use your information for internal purposes only, i.e., for statistical analysis of information.

2. Purpose of requested information

All information requestedby Valamar Ltd Zagreb is used exclusively for:

  • responding to your questions as effectively as possible
  • ensuring that the requested service is provided
  • entering you into our prize game system
  • promotion of our services
  • internal statistical analysis

Valamar Ltd guarantees that the information provided will be used for the above stated purposes only.The purpose of using the information is to establish contact with you (to send you information by post, fax, electronic mail, telephone or other), in the event that we must contact you quickly, or as part of our statistical analyses for internal purposes and market research.

3. Duration of the privacy policy

Once you submit your information and permit us to contact you, your name will be placed on our mailing list. The moment of application is your acceptance to be contacted.Protection of privacy of your information is permanent.At any time, you may remove your name from our mailing list. 

4. Contents of the privacy policy

Your e-mail address and remaining information will not be sold, leased or made available to any third party without your consent, for the contrary is against our privacy policy.Valamar is strict in its "no spam" policy. We seek your special consent for permission if you wish to be contacted with respect to special offers and actions.Valamar is not responsible for accidental errors or due to other objective circumstances which could accidentally violate the guarantee protection of your information, but does guarantee that the error will be corrected, to the greatest extent, as soon as possible.

5. Changes of information

At any time, you may contact us if you have changed your e-mail address or other information on how to contact you.Up until we receive notification of changes, we will continue to use your original contact information.  

6. Your Permission

In filling out the forms on this site, you guarantee that the information provided is correct, that you are capable of doing business, and that you fully agree to the provisions of our privacy policy and the terms stated within. 

7. Transparency

In the event our privacy policy is amended, we will post those changes on this web site such that you may have constant access to them. These changes will be valid in our relations as though they existed prior to your registration on our mailing list, provided that they are in accordance with Croatian regulations and that they do not restrict you of your rights.  




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