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The younger side of naturism

Uredi podatke

Naturism is by far a new phenomenon. While travelling through India, Alexander the Great came across groups of holy men practising nudity as a statement that they’d given up all worldly goods. The Greeks too were fervent naturists, in fact the Olympic Games originally were exclusively male and features nude events.Nowadays, there are many reasons why naturism is popular ranging from artistic expression to harmonising with the environment.

But in today’s modern world, obsessed with amassing material wealth and communicating more through technology than face-to-face meetings, it’s no wonder that an increasing number of young people are turning to naturism in a bid to return to a simpler lifestyle, shed some stress and feel more at one with nature. Naturism strips people not just of their clothes, but also of any prejudices regarding wealth and status. Without the cloak of fashion, people are reminded that everybody is an equal member of the human race.

Even though for most people this is only possible for several weeks a year, the feeling of freedom and liberty is becoming increasingly popular with a younger set of naturists. Although Croatia is at the forefront of naturism holidays, youth naturism organisations have been springing up all around the world. From Austria to Canada, the United Kingdom to Australia, groups of young naturists are extolling the virtues of this freeform lifestyle to a growing number of followers.It’s a trend that looks likely to continue as the number of naturism resorts, campsites and beaches increases and the facility to enjoy a clothing-optional holiday improves, especially in Croatia.




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