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General information

Uredi podatke

Important phone numbers

  • emergency medical care: 94
  • firemen: : 93
  • police: 92
  • road assistance: : 987
  • basic info: 981
  • information on local and international phone numbers: : 988
  • information on international phone numbers: 902
  • weather forecast and road conditions: : 060 520 520
  • Croatian Autoclub (Hrvatski autoklub): : +385 1 4640 800

Medical care

Tourists can use the medical care in health institutions and Croatian hospitals. Patients do not pay for the services if they are citizens of the countries Croatia has signed the international agreement with, except for the minimum charge which pay the citizens of Croatia as well. While using the services, it is necessary to show patient's history, passport or other valid identification document.


  • Croatian currency is kuna, 1 kuna (HRK) is 100 lipa
  • Kuna is printed on paper notes. Lipas are in coins. Croatian National Bank currency rate (Hrvatska narodna banka): :

  • Standard credit cards - Eurocard/Mastercard, Diners, American Express and Visa are common means of payment in Croatia. All stores, restaurants, agencies, hotels and other retail outlets which accept credit cards as means of payment for goods and services, have visible stickers or marks with a logotype of a credit card

Tax return

  • VAT in Croatia is 23%.

  • Foreign citizens may ask for tax return for goods bought in Croatia if they are taking the good out from the country.Iznos na svakom pojedinačnom računu mora biti viši od 500 kuna (ne vrijedi za naftne derivate).

  • The amount on each receipt has to exceed 500 kuna (not applicable for petroleum products). If you are buying goods in the amount exceeding 500 kuna, you need to ask for tax return form and verify it on border crossing upon exiting the country.

    Croatian customs information: 01/6102-333.

Time zone

Croatia is in GMT +1 time zone. The zone changes to GMT +2 on the last Saturday in March until the last Saturday in October.

Electrical power supply

220 V, 50Hz

Plugs have two circular contacts or three contacts for grounded appliances. If you need adapters or transformers, look for them in larger electric appliance shops or department stores.

National holidays

  • 1 January - New Year
  • 6 January - Epiphany
  • Easter Monday
  • 1 May - Labour day
  • Corpus Christi - changeable date
  • 22 June - Anti-fascist Resistance
  • Day 25 June - Statehood Day
  • 5 August - Homeland Thanksgiving Day
  • 15 August - Assumption of Mary
  • 8 October - Independence Day
  • 2 November - All Saint's Day
  • 26 - 26 December - Christmas holidays




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